December 6, 2022 529

The "1xBet" fan committed a crime

A citizen T.N., living in Tahyatosh district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, appealed to the District Department of Internal Affairs. He stated that a user who introduced himself as "Dilshodbek" in the telegram messenger group "Nukus OLX Bazar" would issue him an online loan, and he trusted him in the amount of 9,500,000 UZS. In fact, he received the promised loan, but the money was withdrawn after some time. He requested to take legal action against an unknown person.

As a result of quick search operations, the person who committed these acts was J.T., born in 1998, a first-year student of a higher educational institution who lives in the Chimboy district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. He was engaged in filling the account numbers of prohibited online risk-based games such as "1xbet", "Linebet", and "Mostbet".

A criminal case has been initiated under Article 168 of the Criminal Code, and investigations are undertaken.

Cyber Security Center of the MIA

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