March 26, 2023 903

A woman who tried to send to Canada for 24 thousand US dollars was arrested

Effective work is being done to stop the activities of people who, ignoring the established laws, gain citizens' trust and promise to send them to foreign countries in exchange for money illegally.

In particular, during the next event held in cooperation with the Samarkand regional administration of State Security Service and regional DIA operatives, citizen J.Sh., who was born in Toylok district in 1974, has a previous conviction and now lives in Samarkand entered into the trust of a local citizen and promised to send him and his relative to Canada in a criminal conspiracy with his close partner. He demanded 12 thousand US dollars for each citizen and 24 thousand US dollars in exchange for these "services".

J.Sh. was caught with material evidence while receiving 4,000 US dollars of the requested money.

Press Service of the DIA of Samarkand region

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