July 21, 2022 1294

Fingerprints revealed the criminal

On July 15, M.B., a resident of Yukari Kadim street, “Uchtosh” mahalla, Asaka district, appealed to Internal Affairs. He informed the DIA that an unknown person stole 8,000,000 UZS and car equipment from his house.

The Investigation Department of the DIA of Asaka district initiated a criminal case concerning the theft.

Fingerprints were identified and taken by the senior forensics expert of the investigative team of the DIA of Asaka district during the inspection of the incident site.

When the obtained fingerprints were checked from the database of the Automated dactyloscopy comparison system of the Expert-Forensics Center of the DIA of Andijan region, it was found that a citizen B.M. living in Asaka district committed the crime. The material evidence stolen by the suspect was obtained through a report with the participation of impartial parties.

Press Service of the DIA of Andijan region

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