August 31, 2022 1209

One crime led to another

On August 29, in the process of quick actions of the employees of the DSTTF of the DIA of Bukhara region, a machinist's assistant at the "Urganch" locomotive depot, A.I., born in 1997, lives in Khanka district of Khorezm region, was detained while pouring 120 litres of diesel fuel from the "TEM10-1133" locomotive under his control and looting the same amount of property at the "Yakhshilik" railway station of the "Bukhara-Miskin" route located in the territory of Peshku district.

Later, on August 30, A.I. offered 1000 US dollars to the first deputy head of the DSTTF of the DIA Bukhara region in exchange for not formalizing the case and not taking legal action against it. He was caught when he gave this money in the service room of the DSTTF at the "Bukhara" railway station.

An investigation is currently undertaken.

Department of Security in Transport and Tourism Facilities of the MIA


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