January 29, 2023 411

The head of the 3rd sector of Bukhara region held the next mobile reception in Bukhara city

It is known that sector leaders organize many open dialogues to study problems and find timely solutions to residents' appeals on the spot.

In particular, based on the approved schedule, the next mobile reception of the head of the 3rd sector of the Bukhara region, the head of the Internal Affairs Department, Colonel Shukhrat Aliyev, was held today, January 28, in the building of the Bukhara city hall.

Members of the working group of the 3rd sector of the region and the city and officials of other relevant agencies attended the mobile reception.

The citizens' appeals on various socio-economic issues related to the activities of the internal affairs bodies were considered one by one.

Most of the appeals were resolved on the spot, and tasks were given to sector leaders and relevant department heads to improve the work efficiency of "per sphere", "per mahalla", and "per citizen" in the region and to eliminate identified social issues.

The implementation of the appeals received by the administration, which required additional study, was separately controlled, and the officials were given tasks and instructions in each direction.

Press Service of the DIA of Bukhara region 

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