January 31, 2023 772

A forensic expert identified the criminal from the fingerprints

On January 9, citizen T.Z. a resident of Boston district, Andijan province, reported that a robbery occurred in his house, and unknown persons secretly stole 7,000,000 UZS in cash, 100 US dollars and a gold chain worth 4,000,000 UZS.

During the inspection of the scene of the incident by the senior forensic expert of the DIA of the Boston district regarding this theft, fingerprints were taken and checked from the database of the Automated dactyloscopy comparison system of the regional DIA forensic expert center. It was determined that these fingerprints were left by a person named K.I., who is registered in the Boston district.

The officers of the DIA of Boston district detained the suspect K.I. The items stolen from the victim's house were taken as material evidence.

Investigations are currently undertaken against the criminal.

Press Service of the DIA of Andijan region 

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