April 27, 2022 1041

The modern possibilities of forensic science were introduced

Professional development courses organized in Korea are continuing.

On April 25, representatives of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had the opportunity to exchange experiences at the Police Investigation Academy. Qualified South Korean specialists introduced the activities of the educational institution. They conducted training in modern forensic science on the detection and analysis of traces at the scene, blood tests, and examination of the bones of unknown corpses. They demonstrated special technical means and methods of their application in the forensic training landfill under the Academy.

The master-classes continued with a tour of the training process and material and technical base of the Korean Police Institute for Human Resource Management. During the conversation with Korean students, the Uzbek side exchanged views on the unique approaches to the practice of training, the advantages of information and digital technologies, and important aspects of the combination of theory and practice.

Press Service of the Academy of the MIA

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