July 2, 2022 1298

Active youth were awarded

On June 30, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in connection with Youth Day, held an event with the participation of young employees and cadets.

Today in our country, great attention is being paid to the education of young people and their future destiny. Our respected President is creating opportunities for the growing young generation to grow up, occupy a worthy place in society, and realize their potential and talents.

The head of the Academy congratulated the youth and acknowledged that the good results of the state policy in this regard are evident in all areas, including in the large-scale reforms implemented in the system of internal affairs bodies.

- The head of our state emphasized that "Working with young people, from the President to the Minister, from the mayor to the chairman of the mahalla, should become our main job." In response to such attention and care, our youth should make a worthy contribution to the development of New Uzbekistan with their potential and aspirations, - said the head of the Academy.

Following the event, a group of young employees serving in an honourable profession were awarded by the management of the Academy with monetary awards for their active initiatives and achievements.

Press Service of the Academy of the MIA

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