August 8, 2023 1163

A theft crime was committed in Gulistan city

K.M., a resident of Gulistan city, appealed to the 102-service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Sirdarya region. He reported that an unknown person stole a computer and a bag from his home.

During the investigation carried out by the operatives of the DIA of Gulistan city, it was determined that this crime was committed by R.T., a resident of Tarakkiyot village of Gulistan city, and the material evidence was duly documented.

In this regard, the Investigation Department under the Department of Internal Affairs of Gulistan city initiated a criminal case against the citizen R.T. under Article 169-M 3-q "a" of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the investigation is currently undertaken.

Press Service of the DIA of Sirdarya region

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