June 15, 2022 2032

A new type of fraud on online trading platforms is spreading in India

According to the Indian police, a new type of fraud is rising on online trading platforms.

Unlike other types of fraud, it is done in the form of gaining the right to manage users' Gmail accounts by stealing passwords stored in cookies in the browser. A fraudster who acquires this right will have access to your email address.

As a result, the scammer can buy any product online on your behalf and pay for it through trading platforms linked to this email address.

According to police, three criminal groups engaged in such activities have been arrested for stealing funds from bank accounts linked to stolen accounts, purchasing various gift cards, ordering products and other acts.

Notably, the number of victims of this type of cyber fraud is growing sharply, and it is committed mainly at night.

Because internet users are resting at night and are notified by fraudsters after waking up from the above violations, it limits their ability to prevent their illegal actions immediately.

To avoid this type of cyber fraudster, do the following:

- Do not give anyone access to your email address;

- do not store your password and other secret codes in the browser of the device;

- After accessing and using your email on other devices, ensure that your personal information is not stored.

The news is prepared on the basis of Internet data.

Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA

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