September 20, 2023 1025

The working group headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant General Pulat Bobojonov, is studying the night service in Tashkent city on implementing the head of state's tasks to curb crime in the regions and early prevention of violations

The working group studied the practical implementation of the assigned tasks and law enforcement agencies' service activities in Almazar, Yunusabad and Mirzo Ulug'bek districts of the capital.

In particular, the activities of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almazar District, the Department of Internal Affairs of Mirzo Ulugbek District, and the "Uch kahramon" Road patrol service facility of Yunusabad District, and the night service of the employees were inspected. Specific tasks aimed at implementing new mechanisms for curbing crime in "red" mahallas with severe criminogenic conditions, reducing offences committed by young people and women, conducting "individual preventive" work with the persons in charge, and effective and targeted implementation of socialization and probation work have been introduced. 

Also, the working group studied security measures in the territory of the student town "Yoshlik" in Almazor district, the service activities of the National Guard "Guard" unit of the district, the duty procedures of the Yunusabad district electric network enterprise and the service procedure of the fire safety department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Mirzo Ulugbek district.

The main attention was paid to implementing model service with partner organizations, increasing the coverage of video surveillance in private homes and public places, safe movement on city roads, and measures taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians, especially children, young people and women.

All identified shortcomings were critically discussed during the study, and targeted measures for improving service activities were determined.

The studies of the working group continue in other districts of our capital.

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