December 7, 2022 989

The project coordinator of the OSCE in Uzbekistan organized a webinar lecture at the MIA Academy

On December 6, the project coordinator of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Uzbekistan organized the next webinar lecture at the MIA Academy.

Experts of the Strategic Issues Group on Policing of the OSCE Department for Combating Transnational Threats Björn Tore Saltvik and Alina Munteanu conducted the online training.

The training was devoted to the topic of "Combating sexual violence and ensuring professional growth of female employees in the system of law enforcement agencies based on gender equality." The webinar participants exchanged practical efforts to be made with the participation of foreign experts on sexual violence, its causes and conditions of origin, protection of the rights of victims of sexual violence, providing them with social and legal assistance, combating violence against women, mitigating the consequences of these cases, the problems in this activity and their solutions.

On the other hand, the representatives of the OSCE recognized the wide-ranging work carried out in Uzbekistan on issues of gender equality, in particular, strengthening the socio-political activity of women in society, protecting their rights and interests, and preventing various oppression and violence against them.

During the training, professors and teachers of specialized departments and cadets received necessary recommendations for themselves.

Press Service of the Academy of the MIA

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