May 29, 2022 1533

Officer of the Penitentiary Department of the MIA took an honorable place in the international tournament

Senior sergeant Farrukh Boboev of the Penitentiary Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs took the honorary 3rd place in the 90 kg weight category in judo at the international tournament in Moscow.

Judokas working in the internal affairs system left for Moscow.

Tomorrow, an international tournament among judokas working in the internal affairs, police and army systems will start in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation.

The competition, which has been traditionally held since 2007, is dedicated to the memory of those who died in the line of duty.

The national team of Uzbekistan, consisting of judokas working in the system, will also take part in the international tournament. Our delegation arrived in Moscow.

The members of our national team:

- 66 kg: Bahrom Inoyatov (lieutenant)

- 73 kg: Timur Khudoikulov (senior lieutenant)

- 81 kg: Sanjar Tukhtashov (sergeant)

- 81 kg: Sergey Petryanin (lieutenant colonel)

- 90 kg: Rustam Saidov (lieutenant)

- 90 kg: Farruh Boboev (senior sergeant)

- 90 kg: Jamshid Fayziev (lieutenant colonel)

+ 90 kg: Dilshod Choriev (lieutenant)

+ 90 kg: Faxriddin Sharipov (lieutenant)

+ 90 kg: Hamid Otajonov (lieutenant)

Farrukh Boboev, a Penitentiary Department officer under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, participated in this prestigious competition's 90 kg weight category and took the honorary 3rd place.

Press Service of the Penitentiary Department under the MIA

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