June 24, 2021 4746

The MIA warns that the fake edited videos will not help to cover up the crime or present ones as victims

According to the DIA of Tashkent region, on June 23, senior lieutenants R. Nishanov and lieutenant J. Mirtolipov detained 35-40 aged man who was drinking alcohol in front of shops in Istikbol mahalla at about 8:00 pm.

The citizen introduced himself as O.T., born in 1983. When prevention inspectors explained to a citizen that it was not allowed to consume alcohol in a public place, he was rude to law enforcement officers. He insulted employees to attract the surrounding citizens' attention, disobeyed their calming demands, and refused to go to the police station.

Citizen O.T. forcibly brought to the district DIA to identification and formalize the offence.

In this regard, the citizen was charged under Article 183 (petty hooliganism), Article 187 (consumption of alcohol in public places) and Article 194 (failure to comply with legal requirements of a police officer) of the Administrative Responsibility Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Therefore, a pre-investigation inquiry is undertaken.

At this point, we would like to remind everybody that the trying to escape responsibility by hiding reality, disseminating edited videos to cover up the crime, or presenting oneself as a victim to the public will not help anyone. Every citizen is responsible for his actions in front of the law.

Press Service of MIA

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