April 18, 2023 689

The Ministry of Internal Affairs hosted a meeting with the EU Special Representative for Human Rights Mr Eamon Gilmore

On April 18, a meeting was held between the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ya. Abdulkhakov and the delegation of the European Union.

Ya. Abdulkhakov gave detailed information about the reforms implemented in the system under the leadership of President Sh. Mirziyoev in the form of a presentation.

EU Special Representative Eamon Gilmore recognized the reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan in all areas, including human rights provision, and said that the European Union supports these reforms. He also noted that he was pleased with the special significance given by Uzbekistan to the activities carried out in cooperation with the European Union and the ministries of Uzbekistan.

Commenting on the "Mehr" event, Eamon Gilmore highly appreciated the works of Uzbekistan to return its citizens from areas of military conflicts such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also, while discussing the reforms to ensure women's rights in Uzbekistan, the guests recognized the essential aspects of adopting the law for criminal responsibility for domestic violence.

The representative of the EU on human rights noted that they positively accept the reforms implemented in Uzbekistan regarding the provision of human rights and are ready to continue and develop constructive dialogue on the issues and directions raised during the meeting.

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