May 8, 2022 1400

World War II veterans are honoured

World War II has remained in human history as one of the most horrific, bloodiest massacres in the world, causing untimely deaths, unprecedented losses and casualties of millions of innocent people. The multinational Uzbek people have also shown real courage and dedication and significantly contributed to the victory over fascism.

In particular, about 2 million of our compatriots took part in the battles, and more than 500,000 of them died heroically. At the same time, during the war, our country became one of the important supply centres for the supply of food, clothing, weapons and other equipment needed for the front. Also, our compatriots took care of more than 1.5 million older people, women and children, who were evacuated to Uzbekistan from the war-torn areas.

Every year in our country, the large-scale celebration of May 9 - the Day of Remembrance and Honor - is aimed at this noble goal. Therefore, it is both a duty and an obligation for us to honour and respect our elders who survived the Second World War.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant General Pulat Bobojonov and a group of police officers congratulated the war veterans living in the Mirabad district of Tashkent. They conveyed the President's congratulations on May 9 - the Day of Remembrance and Honor.

In particular, the congratulatory message of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to 99-year-old Vera Chervanaeva, 85-year-old Margarita Filanova, 96-year-old Anna Topchiy, and 99-year-old Peter Korzon and 96-year-old Ganieva Elizabeth was readout. They were presented with souvenirs and valuable gifts, food products and cash prizes of 15 million UZS to support them financially and spiritually. Veterans were interviewed, and instructions were given to sector leaders and officials to support their health, improve their living conditions and provide comprehensive help.

It has become a good tradition in our country to honour the sacred memory of our brave compatriots who sacrificed their lives for the sake of peace and tranquillity today. Today's event was attended by officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, cadets of the Academy of the MIA, students of the Temurbek School of the MIA, the orchestra of the MIA and the Song and Dance Ensemble.

The melodies of peace and tranquillity delighted our older people and turned them into real celebrations.

Similar events are held in the regional departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Press Service of the MIA

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