December 27, 2021 4261

Pyrotechnics and light bulbs worth 120 million sums loaded on ISUZU could not reach the destination

During the operation of officers of the Anti-Smuggling and Customs Audit Department of the Fergana Regional Customs Administration, officers of the Road-Traffic Service of the DIA of Fergana region and other law enforcement agencies inspected the truck of A.A. "ISUZU" travelling on the Fergana-Tashkent route. During the inspection of the truck in the presence of witnesses in the territory of Kushtepa district, officers detected 3 types of 61876 pyrotechnic devices and 12,000 incandescent light bulbs worth 119.6 million sums. They were produced abroad and without documents confirming customs clearance.

An investigation is undertaken.

Press Service of the DIA of Fergana region

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