May 7, 2021 597

A briber was arrested in Jarqurghan

On April 27, a man in Matiz car stopped next to a woman named Yu. Tursunoy, a resident of Jarkurgan district, and her sister Malika (names have deliberately been changed), when they were returning from the market. The car owner greets her sister "Malika" and offers to take them to their address.

Then, a woman Yu. Tursunoy and her sister "Malika" get in the car. The "Matiz" car starts moving towards the address indicated by Yu. Tursunoy and her sister.

Along the way, he introduces himself as an official in one of the state organizations in the district. He says that there is a vacancy in the organization and looking for a good employee.

At that time, Yu. Tursunoy intervenes and says that she has been unemployed for a long time and looking for a job. She asks to hire her for this position. The official, Yu. Rasul asks for 500$ bribe for this position. Yu. Tursunoy agrees to give money in Uzbek sums instead of US dollars.

The district official agreed to the offer and said that he would receive the 4,000,000 (four million) sums now. He will take the remaining 1,000,000 (one million) sums after hiring. But Yu. Tursunoy appealed to the Department of Internal Affairs of Surkhandarya region to take legal action against Yu. Rasul demanded a bribe in the amount of 5 000 000 sums.

According to the complaint, on April 27, officers of the Department for Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes of the Criminal Investigation Department of the DIA of Surkhandarya region and the Surkhandarya regional department of the State Tax Service hold operational activities.

During the process, a citizen Yu. Rasul received 4,000,000 (four million) sums of chemically treated money from Yu. Tursunoy of 500$ near the cafe in the "Dustlik" mahalla of Jarkurgan district. He was arrested and duly executed.

Currently, the Investigation Department of the DIA of Jarkurgan district is conducting a preliminary investigation.

Remember! Corruption is one of the most dangerous crimes for the development and progress of society.

The legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides for the certainty of punishment for perpetrators of this crime.

Press Service of the DIA of Surkhandarya region

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