December 6, 2022 871

The criminal group was detained

N.M., who lives in Zarafshan, Navoi region, appealed to Internal Affairs. He stated that an unknown person obtained control of his bank card through a fake message, withdrew a total of 2,780,000 UZS, and asked to take legal action against the unknown person.

As a result of the quick investigation, it was determined that this crime was committed by a group of individuals in a criminal conspiracy.

It was identified that the criminal group members were A.A., born in 2006 and his brother A.Sh., born in 2001, living in Khatirchi district of Navoi region, were previously convicted under Article 168 of the Criminal Code, residents of Kogon district, Bukhara region, born in 1985 in the Republic of Tajikistan. N.B. and his son, B.D., born in 2006. 

The criminal group embezzled a huge amount of money by using fake links and spreading false news in Telegram messenger groups and channels. They obtained control of the bank cards of a total of 454 citizens.

A criminal case has been initiated against the group members, according to Article 168 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and an investigation is undertaken.

Cyber Security Center MIA

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