June 1, 2023 1410

Master's students trained in China

On May 16-29, the MA trainees of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs participated in the training at the Public Security University of the People's Republic of China.

During the training, students of the "organizational-strategic management" field of the master's degree took part in interactive sessions on the topics "China's police system", "Priority directions of reforms aimed at ensuring public safety", "Ways of forming leadership skills", "Innovative approaches to making management decisions", "Introduction of new trends in the activity of police structures based on the principle "One space, one way" and others.

In addition, the trainees got acquainted with specialized training centres and regional police units and learned the advanced aspects of the Chinese experience in effective management organizations. At the end of the training course, an event was held with the participation of the university management, and the trainees were awarded certificates.

Press Service of the Academy of the MIA

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