March 23, 2022 747

The leadership of the DIA of Kashkadarya region visited veterans and elderly

On the occasion of Navruz, the leadership of the DIA of Kashkadarya region visited the house of a group of veterans of law enforcement agencies, who have effectively served to ensure peace in the country for many years. They sincerely congratulated the elders on the holiday of renewal and presented holiday gifts.

"Respect for the elderly and showing kindness to them has become a tradition in our country," said Lieutenant Colonel F. Bazarov, Deputy Head of the Department of the MIA. In particular, veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, retired lieutenant colonel Norsoat Bozorov and retired sergeant Amir Mahmudov were pleased with such respect.

The veterans expressed their sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Internal Affairs leadership, the regional police department, and the Guzar district police department for such kindness and care.

Press Service of the DIA of Kashkadarya region

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