March 22, 2022 846

The elderly and war veterans in Navbahor district were visited

It is known that Navruz is called the holiday of generosity. From ancient times, young people hurried to inform the elderly about Navruz and spring. They exchanged gifts and cheered them up. During this year's Navruz holiday, a generous group led by the head of the regional police department and the governor of Navbahor district visited elderly and war veterans.

Public members, together with officials, also took an active part in the generosity group. First, they visited the house of Bafo Bahromov, a resident of "Kokhron" mahalla, then Hasan Haydarov, a resident of "Qalqonota" mahalla, and 106-year-old Mumina Ganieva, a resident of "Yaltirabad" mahalla.

They presented food products and valuable gifts on the occasion of the holiday. Our elders prayed for peace and tranquillity in our country.

Press Service of the DIA of Navoi region 

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