October 28, 2022 582

The head of the 3rd sector and the DIA of Navoi region held his next mobile reception

The head of the DIA of Navoi region held a mobile reception at the "Mehnat" mahalla of Navbahor district. Most appeals were on employment, gravelling of internal roads, material support and medical and social aid.

Two of the appeals received during mobile receptions were positively resolved on the spot, a legal explanation was given for one appeal, and the relevant authorities of the district reviewed the appeals of 16 citizens, set deadlines for a positive resolution and gave clear instructions. Also, the relatives of 90-year-old Shodieva Shobuvi took part in the mobile reception and said that their mother needed a wheelchair. On the same day, officials visited Shobuvi aya and presented her a wheelchair.

Press Service of the DIA of the Navoi region

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