April 11, 2022 747

A public reception in Zarafshan

A public reception on the judicial system was held in Zarafshan. The representatives of the Presidential Administration, the People's Reception, the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General's Office, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs attended it. Also, the heads of relevant departments and organizations on social, economic and employment issues participated at the reception. Deputy Minister Major General B. Mirzarahimov received 17 appeals from citizens of Zarafshan, Tomdi, and Uchkuduk in the field of Internal Affairs.

Problems were studied, and five were resolved on the spot. A deadline was set for the resolution of the rest.

Bolieva Dilfuza was temporarily unemployed. She got a permanent job at a public reception. Bobojov Abdukahhor asked for a release from probation, and his case was also resolved positively. Bobokulov Sherzod's appeal for constructing the Zarafshan pedestrian crossing was resolved on the same day.

The organization of such receptions is proof that human dignity prevails in the country. The role of the reception of officials in the population's life is invaluable.

Press Service of the DIA of Navoi region 

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