May 27, 2023 563

The next reception of the head of the DIA of Navoi region was held in Karmana district

The next reception of the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Navoi region, the head of the 3rd Sector was held in Bogishamol mahalla of Karmana district.

The regional prosecutor and the head of the regional justice department also took part in the reception. They heard about 20 citizens' appeals.

In particular, Halima Umarova from this mahalla asked for practical assistance in paying her daughter's university contract. Her appeal was paid in cooperation with the district office of the Youth Affairs Agency.

Sabriddin Sanaev said that he lost his health due to an accident and had no money for treatment. His problem was also solved together with the medical association of Karmana district, and medicines were provided.

Press Service of the DIA of Navoi region

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