April 8, 2022 1441

A book fair in Navoi

The book plays a vital role in forming a person's free-thinking, broadening worldview, mental maturity, and spirituality. The mind of the person who reads the book sharpens, his spirituality enriches, and he accelerates to maturity.

For this purpose, a working group headed by the responsible officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant Colonel N. Juraev, and the Navoi Regional Department of Internal Affairs organized a book fair as part of the "Month of Spirituality". The fair featured about 1,000 books in art, science, detective and history genres. Employees had the opportunity to select books from the fair, get acquainted with them and buy them at low prices.

Today, I bought a book for myself and my family at the fair. We are in favour of increasing the number of such events.

Today, reading is essential for all people, - said Major Hamidulla Alikulov, a doctor at the Medical Department of the Internal Affairs.

Press Service of the DIA of Navoi region 

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