May 20, 2022 1513

The activities of a criminal group involved in human trafficking were revealed

According to the information received in Denau district, on April 27, a resident of Andijan region, M. Malohat, living in Asaka, residents of Denau district, Sh. Shodia and Sh. Shoira living in "Kovunlisoy" mahalla of the district, temporarily residing in Istanbul, Turkey, wanted to cheat on two women fraudulently. It was revealed that they tried to involve in prostitution in Turkey D.Dilafroz (names have been changed) living in "Istikbol" mahalla of Denau district and E.Elenora living in "Dashtnobod" mahalla of Sariosiya district through the messenger "Telegram". They planned to take 50 per cent of the earned money because they were going to pay travel expenses and the COVID-19 certificate to take the women to Turkey and make them financially dependent.

In this regard, officers of the Department for Combating Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration of the Department for Combating Terrorism and Extremism of the DIA of Surkhandarya and the State Security Service of Surkhandarya Region detained Sh. Shoira, D. D.Dilafroz, E.Elenora, M. Malohat and Sh. Shodia during an operation at the Islam Karimov International Airport in Tashkent. 

A criminal case has been started against M. Malohat, Sh. Shodia and Sh. Shoira, according to Article 135, part 2, item "b, e" of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Press Service of the DIA of Surkhandarya region

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