May 15, 2021 5519

Awareness is the need of our time!

Today, the Internet is sharing limitless information about the situation around the world within seconds. Among them, there is numerous information that threatens international peace and promotes cruelty and terrorism. Internet users, first of all, need to distinguish this information smartly.

Otherwise, they may become victims of deception and lose their young life, health and strength in the hotbeds of war, in the military camps of terrorist organizations.

In this regard, the Uzbek MIA warns that a search has been announced for a group of individuals who have joined the activities of international extremist groups and are involved in their activities that threaten national and global security.

We ask our citizens who have any information about these people to report to the regional law enforcement agencies or call the short number 102. Remember, it is a duty of every citizen to protect the peace of the country.

Main Department for Combating Terrorism and Extremism of the MIA

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