June 4, 2021 5004

A criminal group that stole money from tenants on the website "OLX.UZ" was detained

We all know that many people working in government agencies and institutions located in Tashkent have moved from the regions and work far from their homes.

These hard-working people serve the state's interests from the first days of their arrival in the capital. They have decent living conditions for themselves and their families and want to rent an affordable apartment. To do this, they use the platform "OLX.UZ" to find a house for rent.

However, there are people among us who deceive our patriotic citizens in order to gain wealth in various illegal ways.

During the operational searches conducted by the Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA, the activities of the criminal group, which has been carrying out the above-mentioned illegal activities for several years, were stopped.

On June 1, citizen A.A.X. was arrested while continuing his criminal activities. A cold steel weapon, bank plastic cards were stolen from the victim, and several SIM cards of mobile phone companies were seized from him as material evidence.

It turned out that citizen A.A.X. is earning illegal money despite being young, living an easy life at the expense of others.

He posted an ad on the website OLX.UZ, announcing that he was renting an apartment in the centre of the capital. Naturally, an apartment with all the conveniences at a low price attracts tenants from the provinces.

He introduces himself as a serviceman to citizens who contacted him by phone. And he tells them that he is currently in another province and will show the apartment to the renters when he returns to the capital in 2-3 days from his business trip. And he asks tenants to transfer money to a plastic card in advance.

Thus, citizen A.A.X. continues to contact customers as soon as they transfer money to several plastic cards that do not belong to him.

Citizens A.A.X. illegally looted more than 80 mln.UZS for a year from more than 100 people who wanted to rent an apartment in the capital.

Currently, citizen A.A.X. was arrested and remanded in custody. Inquiries and investigations are undertaken to identify the criminal accomplices of him.

Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA

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