March 16, 2022 1146

A fraud that has cheated on online gambling fans

A.Khamroev (name changed), born in 1995, living in Khorezm region, created a channel on "Telegram" in February-May 2021. He offered to sell special coupons worth 300,000 sums for fans of online gambling "1XBET".

The online gamblers transferred 300,000 sums to his bank card to buy a special coupon. After receiving the money, A. Khamroev blocked all the scammers, cut off the virtual connection and tried to maintain his anonymity.

As a result of operative measures taken by the Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA, the illegal actions of A. Khamroev were exposed. It was revealed that he looted more than 175 million UZS from 200 citizens of different ages. 

A criminal case under Article 168 (3) of the Criminal Code has been initiated against A. Khamroev. A preliminary investigation is undertaken.

We should note that today in Uzbekistan, no business entities are licensed to conduct bookmaking and betting activities.

By Article 191 of the Code of Administrative Liability and Article 278 of the Criminal Code, specific liability measures are established for activities such as bookmaking and betting.

At the same time, by Article 6 of the Law "On Advertising", the dissemination of information about products, the production or sale of which is prohibited by law, is prohibited.

Therefore, dear citizens, it is against the law to promote bookmaking and betting activities on social networks or other Internet resources, place them on your pages for advertising purposes. 

Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA

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