August 2, 2021 421

Collaboration is an effective way to solve problems

It is known that today our country is working on the social and legal protection of women in a completely new system.

One of the distinctiveness of this new system is that the investigation and elimination of the problem of women is no longer the task of a single organization, but all governmental and non-governmental organizations in our society are working collaboratively.

Specifically, in collaboration with the regional law enforcement agencies, the Women's Committee is implementing preventive measures to prevent crimes and offences among women.

Kurbanbaeva, Adviser to the Khorezm Region Hakim on Women's Issues, and Major D. Bogibekova, Deputy Head of the Crime Prevention Department of the DIA of Khorezm Region, and a senior official of the DIA of Gurlan District held a preventive meeting in Gurlan district. It was aimed at the early prevention of offences.

Participants discussed the problems and conflicts between women living in a dormitory in Navbahor mahalla of Gurlan district during the meeting.

Following the discussion, the 1st Deputy Head of the Mahalla and Family Support Department of Gurlan District and the Senior Inspector for Women's Affairs of the District Department of Internal Affairs were assigned to study the social problems of women living in this dormitory and provide them with social and legal assistance.

Press Service of the DIA of Khorezm Region

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