August 16, 2022 1621

Interpol NCB officers of Uzbekistan arrested a criminal wanted by the Turkish police

The Interpol NCB officers of the MIA of Uzbekistan extradited a citizen of Turkey who is wanted internationally by the Turkish police.

As we previously reported, the officers of the National Central Bureau of the Interpol of the Republic of Uzbekistan arrested a Turkish citizen who was wanted for an offence related to intentional damage to seals and illegal circulation of narcotics in the territory of our country.

After the request for extradition was fulfilled by the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the observation group from the Republic of Turkey arrived at Islam Karimov International Airport, where the criminal was handed over to the officers of the Ankara National Central Bureau of Interpol by their Uzbek colleagues.

National Central Bureau of Interpol of Uzbekistan

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