December 12, 2020 5267

Meeting of representatives of the MIA with the experts of the EU program "LEICA"

On December 11, at the Department of International Cooperation, the representatives of the MIA met with a delegation of experts from the European Union program "LEICA". Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry E. Marupov, head and leading specialist of the Counterterrorism and extremism department A. Mirkhodjaev and T. Ataniyazov and by the EU program delegation LEICA - project director J. Ribo-Geyyar, project coordinator G. Beridze, leading expert V. Korotenko and the program manager of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Uzbekistan A. Liamine Salvani attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the experts made a presentation on the draft LEICA program. Their main goal is to increase the capacity of law enforcement agencies of Central Asia to ensure national and regional security.

Then, the director of the project J.Ribo-Geyyar stated that today the program is at an early stage. He also noted that the priorities of the program project consist of four phases and are designed for four years. 

They also discussed the prospects and results of cooperation between the MIA and EU experts in the framework of the LEICA program.

Department of International Cooperation of the MIA

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