July 4, 2021 4561

The unpaid Matiz was sold

On June 2, a resident of Uychi district, born in 1995, applied to the police. According to him, on October 4, 2020, a resident of Namangan, born in 1977, agreed to sell a Matiz car belonging to a citizen born in 1978, a resident of Namangan for $ 3,500 and paid $ 3,250 and agreed to pay the remaining $ 250 after completing the paperwork. He claimed that that person had taken the car but sold it without notifying the owner and used the money for his own needs.

On July 1, the Investigation Department under the DIA of Uychi district initiated a criminal case under Article 168, Part 2 of the Criminal Code.

Press Service of the DIA of Namangan region

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