November 2, 2021 5012

Eight Uzbek minors were returned from Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs, initiated to bring back unsupervised and neglected minor children of citizens of Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan.

Due to requirements, it was clarified that the parents of the children are indeed citizens of the registered area. Eight juveniles were brought to Uzbekistan based on the "Certificate of Return to the Republic of Uzbekistan" issued by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan. It aimed to provide them with official documents that will play a significant role in their future and provide them social and legal assistance, health care, and practical assistance in continuing their education. The children were brought to the centres of social and legal assistance, and the work was planned, and specific tasks were identified.

Press Service of the Main Department for Crime Prevention of the MIA

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