September 23, 2022 732

Theft at the RECEPTION

Samarkand region. On September 12, 25-year-old B.I., who lives on A. Temur Street, Samarkand appealed to Internal Affairs. He stated that he works as a business manager in a hotel on Kushkhovuz Street, Samarkand. 23-year-old hotel worker S.L. stole money twice from his bag in the RECEPTION. B.I. asked for practical assistance in recovering his money and taking legal action against him.

In this regard, the Investigative Department of the DIA of Samarkand city initiated a criminal case against S.L. under Article 169, Part 1 (theft) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

As part of the criminal case, during the questioning of the suspect, S.L., from July 29 to September 9 of this year, took advantage of the fact that the hotel manager regularly left his bag at the RECEPTION located at the entrance of the hotel, she reported that she secretly stole a total of 12,000 000 UZS.

During the investigation, the suspect, S.L., voluntarily returned 6,000,000 UZS of the money he stole from the victim.

Investigations are currently undertaken.

Investigation Department under the MIA

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