March 26, 2022 555

The Republican working group got acquainted with the activities of the Pastdargom youth

The Republican working group set up to study the implementation of the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan "On measures to radically improve the system of work with youth in the mahallas" on January 19, 2022. They visited Pastdargom district to see the work carried out in this direction.

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Major General A. Ikramov, who heads the working group in the district, first got acquainted with the headquarters' activities and staff who work with youth. During the study, he gave his relevant suggestions and recommendations to the staff members.

Later, the working group visited the mahallas and got acquainted with the conditions created for young people in the district. In particular, they saw the MBM school, a modern private training center in Sanchiqul mahalla.

Press Service of the DIA of Samarkand region

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