June 1, 2021 4465

An interdepartmental working group has started its work on complex research and practical elimination of traffic problems in the country

Today, cases of gross violations of the safety rules for the operation of vehicles, severe problems in the road infrastructure have become more frequent in the country. These problems with road infrastructure are leading to traffic accidents, resulting in many injuries and, sadly, premature deaths.

Therefore, an interdepartmental working group on complex research of problems in traffic in the country and the elimination of practical problems has begun its work.

The group includes management and qualified specialists from the Government, the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Transport and Finance, the Committee for Roads and other responsible departments and organizations.

The group will complexly study the current state of road safety and the early prevention of road accidents. They will develop normative-legal and targeted organizational and practical measures by implementing advanced foreign experience and scientific approaches.

Particular attention will be paid to serious problems related to road infrastructure - the condition of roads, pedestrian crossings, road signs, unregulated intersections, etc. They will take comprehensive measures to improve them entirely.

The problems of the population on road safety will be studied. The working group will inform the public about the complex measures to be taken. They will carefully consider the citizens' proposals on this issue. 

Press Service of the MIA


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