June 30, 2022 671

A robber was detained in Rishton district

Rishton district. A person named B.Kh. illegally entered the house of a woman named Kh. N, a resident of Navbahor mahalla. He entered the house's bedroom using force that was not dangerous for life or health and robbed money in the amount of 15,000 UZS from her. Then returned it, told not to disclose information to others and left the house.

In connection with this situation, the Investigative Department of the DIA of Rishton District initiated a criminal case under Article 166, Part 2, Clause "a" (robbery) of the Criminal Code and detained him procedurally.

The Department of Internal Affairs of Fergana region reminds that the person who commits the crime mentioned above can be punished with imprisonment for up to five years.

Press Service of the DIA of Fergana region

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