September 11, 2020 390

185 violations in entrance exams in Samarkand

On September 9, 2020, police officers in cooperation with the State Testing Center identified 28 cases on violation of the rules of entrance exams. 

They recorded and documented 8 cases of the attempts of other persons to enter the exam instead of the registered candidate and in 18 cases the violations related to the smuggling of mobile phones and in 2 cases related to cheating sheets.

Since the beginning of the examinations only within the Samarkand region, 123 telephones, 40 technical devices, 9 "cheat sheets", 1 "handmade" means of communication, 12 attempts to enter "instead of" have been identified.

The Samarkand Region Department of Internal Affairs urges applicants to be careful not to bring items that are prohibited for use in the test.

Press service of the MIA of Samarkand region


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