March 13, 2023 748

A flight cleaner found and stole a forgotten bag with money in it

The incident happened on March 10 at 11:30 p.m. at the capital's airport. The citizen of Uzbekistan, who arrived on the "Alma-Ata-Tashkent" flight, reported that she forgot her bag on the plane and had 1,800 US dollars, 300,000 UZS, a bank card, headphones and a phone charger in it. The Department of Safety in Transport and Tourism Facilities reported it.

As a result of the preliminary investigations, it was found that the employee of the private cleaning company engaged in cleaning the planes (a woman) found and took this bag.

The above-mentioned money and items were documented in the presence of impartial witnesses as material evidence.

The situation is being investigated.

Department of Security in Transport and Tourism Facilities of the MIA

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