September 5, 2021 4193

200$ for non-proliferation of "secret conversations"

On August 30, a girl born in 2004, who lives in Namangan, filed a complaint to the police. She claimed that she was threatened by a boy living in Namangan, born in 2001. She met him in telegram. He threatened her to spread their secret conversations and videos on social media and demanded 150,000 sums and 200 US dollars from her. She asked the police to take action.

During a search operation of the operatives of the DIA of New Namangan District, the boy was detained in front of the "Writers' Square" in Namangan while receiving $ 200 from the applicant.

On September 1, the Investigation Department of the DIA of Namangan city initiated a criminal case under Article 165 Part 1 of the Criminal Code.

Press Service of the DIA of Namangan region

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