April 19, 2021 472

Police filed a criminal case against a blackmailer

On April 15, Hayrullo, a resident of Pastdargom district, applied with complaint to the district police department. He said his acquaintance Umida blackmailed him by getting his SMS messages with a woman named Bahora. She demanded 14,000,000 sums in exchange for not disclosing the messages to his wife. In this regard, the applicant requested to take legitimate measures against her.

On April 15, during the operational investigative measures conducted by officers of the Pastdargom District Department of Internal Affairs, Umida was arrested with physical evidence while receiving $ 1,000 from the agreed money.

Investigation Department of Pastdargom District Department of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal case under Article 165 (Extortion) Part 1 of the Criminal Code.

Press Service of the DIA of Samarkand Region

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