September 18, 2022 1964

Interpol officers of Uzbekistan and Malaysia arrested and extradited a criminal woman wanted for human trafficking

A citizen of Uzbekistan (woman), who was wanted by our law enforcement agencies for the crime of human trafficking through Interpol channels and was hiding in Malaysia for a long time under changed personal information, was extradited from Kuala Lumpur to Tashkent with the staff of the National Central Bureau of Interpol in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Joint actions and quick information provision between the National Central Bureaus of Interpol in Tashkent and Kuala Lumpur, and with the direct support of representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia, made it possible to identify and arrest the criminal.

After the decision of the Malaysian government to extradite the wanted woman, the criminal was taken to Uzbekistan by Interpol officers.

National Central Bureau of Interpol in Uzbekistan

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