November 26, 2021 4571

Beware of fake web resources

Nowadays, we witness cases of Internet scammers robbing money from citizens' plastic cards using various illegal methods.

During the Internet monitoring of the Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA, they found a resource similar to the official website of Click LLC (link: Internet scammers used it to carry out such criminal purposes.

This "fake" resource does not require registration to obtain 13 mln. sums. Users are required to enter their phone number and associated bank plastic card information (card number, validity period) and the confirmation code received in the form of an SMS.

As a result, a user who wants to have a large amount of money can enter the verification code into a "fake" resource. It allows the Internet scammer to manage a bank plastic card and misappropriate funds.

Therefore, we ask all Internet users, especially customers of Click LLC, to be aware of the illegal activities of this "fake" web resource. When using payment systems, refer to the services provided on their official websites.

Beware! Don't believe the false statements about making easy money by accessing fake web resources created by internet scammers!

Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA 

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