September 18, 2022 1367

Recommendations from a well-known psychologist

Psychological training plays an essential role in the service activities of the employees of internal affairs. Therefore, acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills related to this subject will benefit the cadets.

The well-known psychologist Shoira Isakova was invited to the meeting held at the Center of Spirituality and Enlightenment of the Academy. An experienced specialist gave insight into the role of psychology in the formation of a person as an individual, the factors of training personal and professional qualities, and the psychological methods used to communicate with others and have a positive impact on people.

In an open dialogue, opinions were exchanged about the important aspects of training psychologists for internal affairs bodies, innovative methods used in modern education, and ways to improve psychology from a scientific and theoretical point of view.

Cadets received recommendations on topics of interest.

Press Service of the MIA Academy 

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