May 29, 2023 671

A woman was defrauded for 6 million UZS on the Telegram messenger

40-year-old (female) K.D., a resident of Fergana city, Fergana region, appealed to Internal Affairs. She reported that an "unknown person" whom she got to know through the "Telegram" messenger stated that there was a cyber attack on her bank card and that he could protect and prevent it. As a result, he withdrew 6,231,000 UZS from the bank card.

As a result of the investigations, it was identified that 25-year-old K.R. living in Sergeli district of Tashkent city, sent fake messages to the phone number of victim K.D., tricked her, obtained her bank card code and SMS message through the Telegram messenger, and embezzled the money.

A criminal case was initiated against K.R. under Part 3 of Article 168 of the Criminal Code.

According to the law, K.R. might be imprisoned for up to 5 to 8 years for the committed criminal acts.

Cyber Security Center of the MIA

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