January 21, 2023 512

The person who introduced himself as the "elevator master" on Telegram was a fraud

Citizen A.D., born in 1990, a resident of Margilan, Fergana region, appealed to Internal Affairs. He stated that he posted an announcement on Telegram messenger about hiring an Elevator master. An unknown user contacted him and told him that he would fix the elevator for him, and now he is repairing the elevators of the Medical Association in Namangan city. He demanded to get the service fee in advance, and under the pretext of paying the service fee in advance, the unknown person obtained A.D.'s bank card control and embezzled 10,000,000 UZS. He asked to take legal action against the fraudster.

As a result of the quick investigation measures, it was determined that the money was embezzled by Kh.A., born in 1996 and N.A., born in 1991, living in Altinkul district of Andijan region.

A criminal case was initiated against Kh.A. and N.A. under Article 168 of the Criminal Code, and investigations were undertaken.

Cyber Security Center of the MIA

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