May 28, 2023 673

The head of the MDIA of Tashkent city studied the appeals in Almazar district

Mobile receptions are being held in different regions to find solutions to the problems troubling the population and to improve the living conditions of our people.

The reception of the head of the MDIA of Tashkent city was aimed at the same goal. Fifty-two citizens took part in the reception organized in Almazar district. They appealed for various issues that bothered them: getting a job, recovering their health, getting a preferential loan, purchasing equipment and receiving financial assistance to ensure employment.

During the reception, 11 appeals were positively resolved on the spot. Since the execution of the remaining appeals required some time, deadlines were set, and tasks were assigned to the relevant officials.

In short, mobile reception made citizens' distances close and their problems easy.

Press Service of the MDIA of Tashkent city

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