September 30, 2022 1085

Mobile receptions of the head of the DIA of Tashkent city: a meeting with the youth of Mirzo Ulugbek district

Major General Aziz Tashpulatov, head of the DIA of Tashkent city, held his next meeting with young people in Mirzo Ulugbek district. The deputy heads of the DIA, the district governor, the sector heads of the Mirzo Ulugbek district, the head of the district Internal Affairs bodies, Lt. Col. Farrukh Haydarov, representatives of the district Department of Defense Affairs, heads of sectoral services, more than 320 citizens, including 260 youth representatives attended the event.

The head of the DIA of Tashkent city emphasized the opportunities given to the youth by the head of our state. In his speech, he highlighted the causes of the offences and youth crimes and the necessity to prevent these types of crimes. During the meeting, the head of the DIA of Tashkent city met with young people.

At the mobile reception, young people addressed more than 25 issues. A legal explanation was given for each appeal, and its implementation was monitored.

During the meeting, 11 young people included in the "Youth register" were given certificates on the allocation of various techniques, the allocation of subsidies for foreign languages and professions, driver's fee compensation, and the compensation of higher and professional education contract fees.

At the end of the event, the head of DIA gave souvenirs to 40 young people who actively participated in the meeting.

Such meetings are held in all districts of the city.

Press Service of the DIA of Tashkent city

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